SPARK for Autism
Live Research Event
WHERE: Houston Museum of Natural Science
5555 Hermann Park Drive. Houston, TX 77030.
Thank you for your interest in our live research event for the SPARK for Autism research study! By participating in SPARK, you will help power important research to better understand causes and treatments for autism. We are partnering with the Houston Museum of Natural Science during their Sensory Friendly Day to help families with enrollment and data collection.
What is SPARK for Autism?
SPARK, a large, online research partnership at Texas Children's Hospital, seeks to improve the lives of people with autism through research. Participation involves completing an online registration (20-30 minutes) and providing a saliva sample. Individuals with autism as well as their biological family members are all invited to join SPARK. Families will receive up to $50 in gift cards (one gift card per family).
For more information about SPARK, visit
What is the live research event?
This live research event is an opportunity for you to receive personal assistance with enrollment for SPARK and also enjoy the sensory friendly accommodations at the museum. Space is limited at this event, so please complete the RSVP form below to reserve your spot. Once you complete this form, a member of our study team will contact you to schedule you for a timeslot and answer any questions you may have about SPARK or about the Sensory Friendly Event.
NOTE: Your RSVP is NOT complete until you have been contacted by our study team. Everyone who RSVPs will receive *discounted tickets* to the museum's Sensory Friendly Day.
For more information about the HMNS Sensory Friendly event, visit, or email
Gabi Duhon
Research Coordinator | SPARK for Autism
Texas Children's Hospital | Baylor College of Medicine
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